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2023 American Philatelic Society
Star Awards Gold Winner

The Goals and Missions of the Bermuda Collectors Society

  • Encouraging the practice of collecting Bermuda stamps and philately across all age groups
  • Providing services to members, including educational resources, to enrich the enjoyment and enthusiasm for collecting Bermuda stamps
  • Introducing and organizing new initiatives to contribute to the advancement of Bermuda stamp collecting
  • Acting as the representative of Bermuda in the global philately community
  • Supporting members in obtaining and selling Bermuda philatelic materials

News & Upcoming Events

Attending a Show in 2024?

If you’re thinking of attending Westpex or the Great American Stamp Show in 2024 then email your interest so we can arrange an informal group meeting or dinner.

Westpex 2024
Marriott San Francisco Airport
Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28, 2024

Great American Stamp Show
Hartford Connecticut Convention Centre
Thursday August 15 – Sunday August 18, 2024

→ CLICK HERE to email your interest

1617 to 1970

A ‘1pm’ Display to the Royal Philatelic Society London of the island’s Stamps and Postal History 1617 – 1970 By David Cordon

Click here
to read or download the pamphlet that shows highlights of the display from September 28, 2023.  The full 42 frames will soon be available in the ‘Displays’ section of this website.

David Cordon (L) with member Richard Watkins at The Royal Philatelic Society London.

Why Collect Bermuda?

by David Robinson
As published by The American Philatelist
September 2022

Click Here For the Article
Click Here for the Companion Article to Why Collect Bermuda

Five Reasons To Join The Bermuda Collectors Society Right Now

  1. Members receive award winning journal Bermuda Post each quarter
  2. Increase your knowledge and connect with like minded collectors.
  3. Gain access to digital copies of nearly 40 years of Bermuda Post.
  4. Participate in Zoom Meetings – a great way to meet, learn and share knowledge.
  5. It’s easy – just CLICK HERE to join right now.

Five Reasons To Start Collecting Bermuda Stamps and/or Bermuda Postal History

  1. The stamps are beautiful and there are not too many post office issues, making collecting attainable.
  2. There is as much variety and specialisation as you want.  Delve in to the different printings and varieties of specialist issues or just collect one of each.
  3. Bermuda is rich in history and that translates to enormously interesting Postal History.  Choose from Postcards, Naval, Maritime, Boer War, Censorship from WWI and WWII and more.
  4. An active membership and a great deal of literature is available to guide and educate every level of collector.
  5. Spend as much or as little as you want.  A great collection can be started for a few dollars right the way though to hundreds of thousands for those with deep pockets who want an example of Bermuda’s world famous Perot Postmaster stamp.

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