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Bermuda Post

The Society’s Quarterly Publication

This is our award winning society journal which has been regularly published since the Society started. Published quarterly it contains articles contributed by members covering all aspects of Bermuda philately.

The Bermuda Post articles are extensive, covering the gamut of the island’s philatelic spectrum, with typical issues containing articles ranging from the classics and watermark varieties to collateral material and the historical background of new issues.

Other frequently reported topics include military usage, censors, first flights, the Bermuda Railway, postal history, Revenue usage, Paquebot cancels, first day cancels and picture post cards.

Each issue also reports the philatelic events that have occurred on the island during the past three months along with a schedule of upcoming events.

It also carries advertising and notifications relevant to Bermuda collectors.

Bermuda Post Back Issues

We have every issue of Bermuda Post published since 1986 available to Fully Paid Up Members free of charge.  Members can either request specific issue(s) that they are missing or even a full set of every issue by contacting us.  Single issues will be delivered by email with a full set (over 600 meg) being delivered by We Transfer.

Members should contact us with requests.