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About Bermuda Collectors Society

The Bermuda Collectors Society (BCS) is made up of just over 100 members from all over the world – each with a shared interest in some aspect of Bermuda Philately.

Member’s interests range from early postal history from the late 1600s right the way through to the Queen Victoria, the Boer War, KGV, WWI, KGVI, WWII, QEII and modern times.

The Society also has many members whose primary interest is in the stamps Bermuda has produced from 1848 until the present day. Some collect covers, postcards or fiscal items such as airline tickets – just as long as there’s a stamp on it!

The BCS caters for ALL levels of collector from novice to the seasoned specialist. Whichever level you are at we want you to join the BCS.

Our story

Founded in 1986 by a small group of collectors with a common interest in Bermuda, the society has grown, so that in 2016 we have some 150 members. The membership is truly international with members in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Guernsey, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America and the United Kingdom. Many of the members have published specialist works on Bermuda related topics including Airmails, Censorship, Postcards together with definitive works on stamp issues.

Founding Members Oct 1986

  • Tom Bansak
  • Bob Dickgeisser
  • Art Hamm
  • George King
  • Harry Whitin
  • Phoebe MacGillivary
  • Tom McMahon
  • Bob Rand
  • Reid Shaw

Each of the above contributed $100 to get things going along with a “sizeable donation” from Charles Freeland.

The founding members, acting as the Executive Board, decided to publish the Bermuda Post quarterly in October, January, April and July with Reid Shaw as the first President and Editor.

Immediately following the establishment of the BCS, “Letters of Invitation” were sent to all known Bermuda collectors. In April 1987 Tom McMahon was named Secretary-Treasurer and reported the membership had reached 193.
Six years later, in December, 1992, the Bermuda Collectors Society incorporated as a non-profit corporation and was required by its By-Laws to elect Officers and a Board of Directors. Thomas Olson, a member and a California attorney, handled the Incorporation.

Below is a list of members who have held the Bermuda Collectors Society offices over the years.


Oct 1986 – Sep 1997 Reid Shaw
Sep 1997 – Jun 2001 Peter Flynn
Jun 2001 – Sep 2003 David Pitts
Sep 2003 – Sep 2007 Peter Flynn
Sep 2007 – Sep 2013 Bill Gompel
Sep 2013 – Dec 2021 John Paré
Jan 2022 – Present Nigel Shanks

Vice Presidents

Dec 1992 – Jun 1996 George King
Sep 1996 – Sep 2011 Phoebe MacGillivary
Oct 2011 – Dec 2017 Jeffrey Dow
Jan 2018 – Present John Puzine


Oct 1986 – Jun 1994 Tom McMahon


Jun 1994 – Jun 2001 George King
Jun 2001 – Jun 2007 Bill Gompel
Sep 2007 – Sep 2013 Dennis Maguire
Sep 2013 – Dec 2017 Bob Stewart
Jan 2018 – Present Jeffrey Dow


Jun 1994 – Dec 2010 Thomas McMahon
Dec 2010 – Jan 2014 John Paré
Jan 2015 – Dec 2019 Richard Watkins
Jul 2021 – Present Jerry Clifton


There have been many Directors over the past 25 years. I have listed them alphabetically. Some people have served on the Board multiple times and many have served as Officers in the Bermuda Collectors Society.

Horst Augustinovic, David Avery, Sue Avery, Stuart Babbington, Tom Bansak, Roger Brody, Peter Coakes, Paul Cohen, Rick Corbett, David Cordon, Charles Cwiakala, Jeffrey Dow, Larry Duprey, Peter Flynn, Michel Forand, Charles Freeland, Bill Gompel, George King, Robert Kugel, Dennis Littlewort, Phoebe MacGillivary, Dennis Maguire, Tom McMahon, Michael, Mead, John Paré, Everett Parker, David Provost, John Puzine, Neil Rigby, David Robinson, Nigel Shanks, Reid Shaw, Don Stephens, Bob Stewart, Richard Watkins, John Youngman.

Auction Managers

Jan 1988-Dec 1992 George King & Bob Dickgeisser
Dec 1992-Dec 2000 Don Stephens & John Puzine
Dec 2000 – Sep 2010 Bill Gompel & Tom McMahon
Dec 2010 – Apr 2013 Bill Gompel
Sep 2013 – Jun 2018 Martin Taylor
Jul 2018 – Dec 2020 John Puzine
Jan 2021 – Present John Puzine & Nigel Shanks


Early on – Richard Conn
Jan 2007 – Jan 2015 – Nigel Shanks
Jan 2015 – May 2022 – Neil Rigby
May 2022 – Current – Nigel Shanks

Bermuda Post Editors

#1-27 Reid Shaw
#28-39 John Puzine
#40-55 Peter Flynn
#56 Tom McMahon when Peter Flynn had surgery
#57-74 Peter Flynn
#75-78 Rick Corbett
#79 Peter Flynn & Tom McMahon when Rick passed away
#80-113 Nigel Shanks
#114 – Current – Dr. Everett Parker

Throughout the years all of the Editors have continually urged, begged, threatened and cajoled members to submit articles. Some issues were longer than others, but the Editors never missed an issue. This group, more than any other, deserves our heartfelt thanks for their contribution to the continued existence of the Bermuda Collectors Society.

Starting in December 1992 Stuart Babbington served as the U.K. Representative and Chuck Cwiakala served as the Membership Chair. It is not clear in the record how long these gentlemen served in their respective capacities.

Annual Meetings

There has been an effort over the years to hold annual meetings. Sometimes these were formal meetings of the Society, other times they were informal gatherings of members taking advantage of being at the same stamp show.

1987 June – Toronto CAPEX
1987 August – Boston APS Stamp Show
1989 September – Guerney Ulrich Sale
1990 Spring – London London 1990
1990 November – New York ASDA Show
1991 July – Bermuda
1992 May – Chicago Columbian Stamp Expo
1993 April 25 – Stamford, CT
1994 April 24 – Stamford, CT
1995 May 7 – Stamford, CT
1997 Spring – Sturbridge, MA
1997 August 9 – Sharon Springs, NY
1998 May 17 – Stamford, CT
1999 June 5 – Tyson Corners, VA NAPEX
2002 August 12 – Sharon Springs, NY
2004 May 1 – Stamford, CT
2005 June – Tyson Corners, VA NAPEX
2006 June – Washington, D.C. Washington 2006
2007 May – Boxboro Philatelic Show
2008 August – Hartford, CT APS Stamp Show
2009 August – Pittsburgh, PA APS Stamp Show
2010 May – London, UK  London 2010
2011 August 12 – Columbus, OH APS Stamp Show
2012 April 30 – Burlingame, CA Westpex 2012
2013 June 1 – McLean, VA NAPEX
2014 August 23 – Hartford, CT APS Stamp Show
2015 May 16 – Rocky Mountain Stamp Show, Denver, CO
2016 June 2 – World Stamp Show, NY
2017 June 9 – NAPEX, Tysons Corner, VA
2018 May 5 – The Philatelic Show, Boxborough, MA
2019 June 8 – NAPEX, Tysons Corner, VA
2020 November 20 – Zoom Virtual Meeting
2021 October 29 – Zoom Virtual Meeting