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About Bermuda Collectors Society

The Bermuda Collectors Society (BCS) is made up of over 115 members from all over the world – each with a shared interest in some aspect of Bermuda Philately.

Member’s interests range from early postal history from the late 1600s right the way through to the Queen Victoria, the Boer War, KGV, WWI, KGVI, WWII, QEII, Postcards and modern times.

The Society also has many members whose primary interest is in the stamps Bermuda has produced from 1848 until the present day. Some collect covers, postcards or fiscal items such as airline tickets – just as long as there’s a stamp on it.

The BCS caters for ALL levels of collector from novice to the seasoned specialist. Whichever level you are at we want you to join the BCS.

Current Officers
For security and spam protection we do not list the email or postal addresses of officers.  Please CLICK HERE to make contact securely.

Current Officers & Appointed Officials
Nigel W Shanks, New Zealand

Vice President
John L Puzine, USA

Secretary, Membership Director
Jeffrey Dow

Web Master
Nigel W Shanks, New Zealand

Bermuda Post Editor
Dr Everett L Parker

Current Directors
Michael Blaine, USA
Jerry Clifton, USA
David Cordon, Bermuda
Bill Charles Gompel, USA
David Provost, USA
Juan L. Riera, USA
Dave Robinson, USA