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Our Annual Auction

The BCS will hold another society auction in October of 2024 and would like to offer BCS members the opportunity to consign lots for the upcoming mail sale. We want to make this sale really attractive to members so please hunt for unusual or interesting material for submission. Some of our members spend well with dealers and are not afraid to pay a good price for a better item they have not seen or have not been able to secure, so don’t be afraid to submit a decent item you no longer require.

We have a few easy to deal with conditions as follows:

  1. PRIOR TO mailing lots:
    Please contact John via email ( or telephone (941-979-8117) in order to make sure what you want to consign will work in the sale.
    Your reserve (lowest price acceptable) would be the minimum (opening) bid. Please make your minimums reasonable. If you want to sell multiple items with low reserves, then please COMBINE them into one lot. We would like to see most lots at approximately a $25 minimum.
    YOU would be responsible to describe what you are consigning, and it will be checked by the auctioneer. Lot descriptions should be kept concise, but accurate. We would like descriptions to be two or three line maximums – no need to tell a long story.
    Until we see how many lots we might have please keep your submissions to TEN lots. Of course if you have a really good selection to sell we will likely be able to accommodate more than ten lots. Contact John regarding more than ten lots.
  5. The BCS will charge a 15% commission on your lots sold, so account for that when setting your reserves. The BCS will also charge for shipping unsold lots back to the consignor(s).

We would love to see an auction where members can add to their collections, and other members might sell their duplicates, or unwanted items.


  1. Contact John Puzine PRIOR TO shipping lots.
  2. Lots must be in John’s hands by July 10th.
  3. We want to hold the sale in October 2024 so don’t delay.

Please check back for details on the October BCS auction which will be posted here when completed.